HexaBuild is an IT professional services consultancy comprised of industry-recognized IT subject matter experts and thought leaders. Our core team has a combined 60+ years of experience, multiple expert-level vendor certifications, and several publications by recognized technology presses.

HexaBuild specializes in managing IPv6 adoption initiatives and large-scale cloud deployments for enterprises, service providers, and government agencies. Services include IPv6 training, IPv6 consulting, IPv6 address planning, IPv6 hardware and software assessments, IPv6 network/IT environment audits,
on-prem to cloud migration and integration.

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IPv6 Address Planning

The virtually limitless address space of IPv6 creates both new opportunities and challenges when designing an address plan and managing address allocations. As a result, well-established techniques and standards for address planning in IPv4 simply do not apply to IPv6.

HexaBuild provides scalable and flexible (i.e., “future-proof”) IPv6 address planning using industry-recognized and proven best practice address planning principles. This is accomplished by working with the enterprise to determine the existing and any planned network topologies. We will explore and assess the enterprise’s plans for growth or change – whether through mergers and acquisitions, public/private cloud and data center deployment, IoT deployment, security policy enhancement, etc.

IPv6 Allocation Requests

Many enterprises have little to no experience interacting with Regional Internet Registries to successfully obtain address resources, whether for IPv6 or legacy IP.

HexaBuild works with the enterprise and the appropriate RIR(s) to formulate any required IPv6 address allocations. These requests are built around the same best practice address planning principles employed to create the enterprise’s IPv6 address plan and are optimized toward maximizing the scalability and flexibility of the plan by obtaining “right-sized” allocations.

IPv6 Training and IT Support Integration

IPv6 is an entirely new protocol that requires a new knowledge set and set of management practices that are distinct from legacy IP. IPv6 training and integration into IT support practices is essential to effectively and securely manage it.

HexaBuild provides both theoretical and hands-on training for every aspect of the IPv6 protocol, including DNS, DHCPv6, SLAAC, Neighbor Discovery, address planning principles and best practices, security, routing protocols, etc.

IPv6 Security Auditing

IT security presents every enterprise with a cross-functional challenge that requires a comprehensive approach. IPv6 introduces another layer of management complexity for those tasked with maintaining the organization’s IT security. This risks of this complexity are exacerbated by the fact that all modern OSes have IPv6 enabled by default and these IPv6 nodes often go unmanaged.

HexaBuild can provide security audit capabilities for both cloud and on-prem environments to help enterprises ensure that all IPv6 deployment, whether deliberate or otherwise, is effectively managed from a security standpoint. As with IPv6 address planning, our experts literally “wrote the book” on IPv6 security.

IPv6 Hardware and Software Assessment

Optimal hardware and software support for IPv6 can vary greatly between vendors. The lack of proper IPv6 support can greatly increase the cost and risk of any initiatives to effectively adopt IPv6.

By using industry recognized and certified testing regimes and resulting hardware and software certifications along with accumulated experience of validated IT environments running IPv6, HexaBuild can provide comprehensive IPv6 hardware and software assessment to ensure that proper IPv6 support is included at every level.

Cloud Architecture and Practice

Cloud solutions provide the scale and flexibility that many companies require for cost-effective and resilient IT solutions. Legacy on-prem architectures and methodologies are being superseded by cloud-first designed solutions that reduce costs while meeting IT demand.

Cloud architecture with only IPv4 is difficult enough. But doing things properly with both IPv4 and IPv6 requires a trusted, experienced advisor. HexaBuild provides well-designed solutions with public cloud providers based on our extensive practical experience deploying large-scale public and private cloud solutions and professional level AWS certifications. We can help you build a well-constructed cloud deployment that will grow with your IT needs. 


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